Jan 17, 2013

Dear friends,

We all know that Afghanistan is the country of problems and troubles. There have hypothesized different theories on how to RECONSTRUCT(?) Afghanistan, democratize it and find best solutions to solve her problems.

It is always believed that Afghans themselves can be the core element to solve the problems. And we have brought so many tangible changes in our daily lives. One of the means through and by which we have experienced the changes was SOCIAL MEDIA and particularly Facebook.

We have witnessed since last year the following changes brought through Facebook:

1. Shariati Professor
2. Two Hazara pilot girls
3. Hazara genocide in Quetta (Hazaras strike in Quetta made provincial governance collapsed)
4. Shojaee and Uruzgan
5. Taqi Bakhtiary
6. Number 39
7. Shakila murder (sexual abuse) and some others

Bringing changes need commitment, hardworking and financial as well as time energy. We Afghans have proven that we are committed, hardworkers and ready to spend our life time to have a secure and prosperous country.

As a friend, my concern, which looks like a question and recommendation, is that "why do not we take action seriously and well-planned for a while consecutively in order to bring desirable changes?" We just random write about political stuff and then stop it. We post and advocate for corruption one day, and after a while, we stop it.

Let's committed campaign for women rights to get it. Let's campaign for peace all of us to bring it. Let's campaign for "Transition Decade" all of us together and turn this nightmare to a nice and fruitful dream.