May 16, 2011

Calling all Afghan filmmakers

Calling all Afghan filmmakers! "Kabul, I love you" Film Project – call for entries now open until 28 May 2011

We are calling young Afghan filmmakers to produce and direct a 10-minutes short film in any genre and format (documentary, fiction, experimental, animation, drama, musical, etc) where filmmakers tell a story that illustrates the universality of love, and their love for Kabul city; love for its people, its culture, and for their country.

The objective of this project is,-to give Afghan young filmmakers- the artistic opportunity to tell their stories and explore their social and cultural environment, and to be able to create a social, economical, and ethnical profile of their country through the medium of film.

Submission Guidelines:

-Each film should be a maximum of 10 minutes (screen time).
-Each project should be filmed in different locations of Kabul and you should specify the reason for shooting in the selected location in the synopsis.
-Each filmmaker should submit a synopsis (in English and in the chosen language - Dari or Pashto) a maximum of two A4 pages along
with a copy of their previous work to UNAMA Multimedia Unit before 28 May 2011.
-The synopsis should also include the time of filming (day and/or night)
-Each successful project will receive a small production budget.

-The language of the film should be indicated in the film proposal.
-A jury will review and select the best story ideas.
-Please include your CV in English and/or Short Bio in the Submission.
-If selected, filmmakers must be available to be in 01 June 2011.

All successful short films will be produced into one extended feature length movie and screenings will take place in selected and public venues across Kabul.

To register and get more information about the project and other submission guidelines, please email the Multimedia Unit:

First-time filmmakers and women Filmmakers are strongly encouraged to apply.