Jan 3, 2011

Scholarship for Afghan girls in the U.S.A

For more information, please got to IEAW

The IEAW encourages Afghan women to apply for this unique educational experience using the following list of requirements.

IEAW Requirements & Application Timeline

In order to be considered for our program, you must have mostly all A’s and B’s in your classes (this means grades ranging from 85-100).

Your score must be at least 550 to be considered for our program. Students must take the exam and receive a score before being interviewed.
For information about where and when the TOEFL test is offered, please go to www.ets.org/toefl/

You must be fluent in English.

You and your family must be full-time and permanent residents of Afghanistan.

You must be 100% dedicated to returning to Afghanistan after graduation. Additionally, you must be dedicated to returning home every summer while in school.

Application Timeline
September ’09- May ‘10: Applications are accepted
May ’10- Candidates are told whether or not they qualified for an interview
June ’10 - Candidates who qualified are interviewed in Kabul
July ’10 - Candidates are told if they qualified for our program
Sept '10 – Jan ’11 - Qualified candidates complete university applications.

Download/View Application

Note: Although we will accept your application without a TOEFL score, in order to be considered for an interview, we must receive your TOEFL score by April 1.


Shama said...

I would really love to have this scholarship it's best an certainly fit to my educational situation but can I have more info bout it like from the start thx