Apr 22, 2009

Two Minutes-Of-Shame That Shook Pakistan

A two-minute video episode captured on a cell phone shook Pakistan when it penetrated the blogosphere and began making rounds as everybody with a mobile phone passed the footage to all the contacts in his/her phone book. The rough-and-ready footage emerged from Swat. Once a honeymoon destination, this scenic valley has, of late, become a Saudi-style puritan "Emirate of Taliban.
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Apr 14, 2009

Tulips flower in New Year time,

The Tulip Bed
The May sun-whom
all things imitate-
that glues small leaves to
the wooden treess
hone from the sky
through bluegauze clouds
upon the ground.
Under the leafy trees
where the suburban streets
lay crossed,
with houses on each corner,
tangled shadows had begun
to join
the roadway and the lawns.
With excellent precision
the tulip bed
inside the iron fence
upreared its gaudy
yellow, white and red,
rimmed round with grass,
William Carlos Williams anf for more Photos see BASIR SEERAT'