Jul 13, 2006

NATO decide to increase the number of troops to 26,000 in Afghanistan

Secretary General of NATO announced that they are going to increase the number of troops to 26000 in Afghanistan. In an interview with Alps newspaper he mentioned that NATO mission in Afghanistan is very complex. He admitted that NATO has increased its troops from 3000 to 6000 in southern part of Afghanistan.

He also admitted that Taliban had intensified their activities over the past months. He hoped that NATO will be successful in its mission in Afghanistan

Jul 10, 2006

Six Tabliban killed in south Afghanistan

Six tabliban militants were killed and eight others were wounded, a statement of defense ministry said on Sunday.

A Tabliban group commander Mullah Nazar is also among the detainees, the statement added. Ravel checks worth 300,000 us dollar were also recovered from the possession of the arrested militants , commander, it added. These militants, it added were killed in Uruzgan and Laghman province.

Jul 8, 2006

A coalition force killed in southern Afghanistan

Early on Sunday morning a coalition soldier was killed in Mountain thrust operation when the coalition forces confronted Taliban militants in Panjwayee district in southern Kandahar province.
Coalition spokesman confirmed the news and said that after the clash coalition air strikes killed ten in the same area.

The spokesman also stated that in the same air strike there have been no civilian casualties.
On Saturday a collation convoy came under attack in the same district in which two coalition soldiers were injured.

Jul 6, 2006

Indian foreign ministry deny Pakistani press allegations

Indian foreign ministry has denied claims of Pakistani press allegations that Indian troops will be sent to Afghanistan.
According to Indian foreign ministry all such allegations are “satanic claims”. Indian foreign ministry spokesman in a press conference said that “Pakistani press allegations regarding the dispatch of Indian troops to Afghanistan are all baseless and satanic reports”.There were reports published in Pakistani press that India is planning to send troops to Afghanistan