Jan 19, 2013

A Letter to my Joint Afghan and Non-Afghan Friends

A Letter to my Joint Afghan and Non-Afghan Friends

Here, I want to express my idea about foreigners and their existence in Afghanistan.

As an Afghan, who is concerned about his national territory and national independence, I am worried of international political interferences in my national political affairs. It is the same in any other country and has to be like this.

But as someone who is passionate for the future of his country, we need to have internationals and foreigners with us not only for broader communication and international relationship, but also to interact with them more friendly rather than diplomatically.

In almost all of Afghans minds, foreigners have a military face and appearance, since the US and its coalition have come to bring security through weapons and war against terrorism.

I believe that what foreigners need to know is "changing their face" from a POLITICAL and MILITARY one to a friendly, helpful and passionate one. I personally need foreigners to help me more academically. I want to find and visit them mostly as academicians, musicians, actors, peace-makers, poets, novelists, philosopher, theorist, filmmaker.

To my Afghan friends, even we should try to help them change their face; we shall ask them to be in a more favorite and friendly way (as mentioned above).

My foreigner friends (whoever you are, where ever you live, and whatever you do), if you want Afghans be your friends, change your face and grab my hand kindly.

I want to be your brother not your sworn enemy.