Jan 14, 2013

Hazaras Are Always Being Played By Their Politicians

Again we Hazaras went to a nightmare; the nightmare that has stopped us pondering over other important issues that have more dangerous and longer impacts on our lives.

Our president, Hamed Karzai, travelled to the US and made his final decision that would have potential and actual effects on generation after generation of, not only Hazaras, but also other ethnic groups. 

Why don’t we now pay attention to that? It has always been a political trick to make Afghans busy with issues like Hazara genocide in Pakistan in order to make their final decision: slavery of Afghans. 

Please get up, raise your voices in this issue and advocate as good as you have done for Hazaras in Pakistan.

Do not you think that Muhaqiq and Khalili are calm because they have dealt over our future? 

Think a bit about it and then leave your comments.