Nov 22, 2011

Twitter and International Forces

@ABalkhi is Taliban's Twitter handle and @ISAFMedia is ISAF's. I am following both. They sometimes have Twitter fights. They are exchanging some serious words right now as I am typing and here is how the @ABalkhi started and then the @ISAFMedia's response follows and I quote everything:

@ABalkhi: Article CSM:1000s Afghan mercenaries hired by CIA in Afghanstan.Commit outright human rights abuses(rape,robery,extra judicial killing etc)

Story confirmed by US diplomats, western officials, afghan authorities. Hired to fight Taliban and others

Recruits 'cherry picked' from regular ANA and trained by US Special forces at Camp Gecko

US tactic as withdraws is going "beyond traditional intelligence, military, and law enforcement functions.”

These kinds of units who are trained by US military, funded by CIA fits the bill perfectly

These units which are shadowy and unaccountable to anyone, only answer to CIA

Repeatedly commit extra judicial killing, rape, torture, larceny is being directly bankrolled by CIA and US military via US taxpayers

Matt (Green Beret captian) says: must work with these units to beat Taliban even though behavior insults 'western sensibilities'

Matt (Green Beret captian):No standard to begin with. No rule of law. taliban not that bad and Afghan farmer not innocent civilian

So ISAF admits hiring mercenaries to commit mass murder, rape, torture and does not consider farmers as innocent civilians. Great JOB!!!

i wonder why not many journalists and even the UN talk much about such issues and the dire situation it has created for the Afghans

link to full story

ISAF Twitter handle(@ISAFMedia) then responds with: @abalkhi We don't hire mercs to commit murder/rape/torture. OTOH ... that seems to be a core competency among Taliban

@ABalkhi replies: @ISAFmedia your officials admitted to it dumb dumb. and how can you talk about taliban when u cut fingers etc and use them as throphies

@ISAFMedia: @abalkhi Dumb dumb? How the dialogue elevates. Look: Nobody takes you seriously. Everything you type is wrong. Just. Stop.

@ABalkhi: @ISAFmedia Thats why they picked you for this job. If I wasnt here, you wouldnt have a job

@ISAFMedia: @abalkhi You're just a fun sideshow. How many tanks did you blow up today. (I have the actual number if you lose count.)

By Hameed Tasal