Nov 14, 2011

Afghan Security Forces Do Not Let Afghans Be in Peace

Writer: Basir Bita

According to state authorities, 16 to 18 November are the days for Luye Jerge Ananawi – literary means “Traditional Gathering”. Luye Jerga is a gathering ceremony in which representatives of people from different ethnic groups come together making decision about big political phenomena.

The name of Luye Jerga dates back Abdul Rahman Khan era, the first king who changed the name of Afghanistan from Khurasan to its current name. When he wanted to crown, first he invited deans from his ethnic group – Pashtun – and asked them to give approval to his kingdom and accept him as a king. Since then, a few kings established a Luye Jerga Ananawi to impose their personal decisions to the people under their sovereign. Now Hamid Karzai, the first Afghan president after disintegration of Taliban, is going to build it for the fifth time in the history of Afghanistan and apex his name within Afghanistan’s new political chapter.

In these days, Police and security forces are all in Kabul streets particularly in the streets and lanes in vicinity to Luye Jerga Tent. There are security forces and polices patrolling the people. You can see even checkpoints near to Luye Jerga Tent. Moreover, disguised individuals from intelligent services are placed in Kabul.

But such heavy security strategy has intimidated local people settled around Luye Jerga Tent. Some say that such heavy security protection is not only a factor that makes a heavy traffic in recent days, but it frustrates them and mismanage their routine life.

Abuld Ahad, resident of Afshar Hill next to Luye Jerga Tent, says:” the residents of here have been census to, but what they want to do it for? What are they doing with it?”

Intercontinental Hotel, one of the most important, and the oldest internationally appreciated hotels in Afghanistan, and that was targeted by a group of suicide attackers three months ago, is located very close to Luye Jerga Tent. Some local residents claim that security forces get in their houses without pre-alarm asking them their names and their identities.

According to local residents, flying military helicopters over their heads and houses have disordered their minds. Zahra Ahmadi, a student in Talim O Tarbia University – which is located near to Luye Jergar Tent – says:” today, whenI entered the university I encountered with military forces. It made me frustrated thinking what would happen next.”

Mirza Mohammad who came in Afshar to meet his brother’s family says that there was no way for him to drive; he had to arrive in his brother’s through lanes.

Some people say that they cannot arrive in their offices on the time; no matter they are employees of state or non-state organizations. They say that their job position might be jeopardized.

Authorities in Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs which is in charge of official holidays told that they have not still finalized what days would be off because it is President’s task to make final decision.

Where the Luye Jerga is going to be happened a consultation gathering held three months ago and four months ago, Intercontinental Hotel was targeted by RPJ.


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