Feb 2, 2013

Letter to International Friends of Mine

Second Letter to International Friends of Mine

In my first letter to international friends I brought up few points such as building friendship with Afghans,
Today I would like to share some other imprtant points by which Afghans and internationals can have healthy and constructively positive relationship. One of the piont is that Afghan intellectuals believe that our international friends have a up-down view. In other words; when a foreigner talks and treats an Afghan, s/he has a up-down look, meaning that the international friend consider the Afghan peer as someone who lives in society less developed and less civilized land whom are a burden to international’s country.

They look at Afghans in a way that Afghans are reponsible for any evil things happening in their country and Afghan government is the source of all curses.

Please international friends, change your view and look at your Afghan peers, only if you do not want a hell is generated out of their wrath.

The second piont that I would like to piont out in this letter is that I have witnessed and heard that our international friends tease, mock and make fun of Afghan traditions, beliefs and even appearance. And it is disgusting.

Someday ago, I went to an international friend’s for volunteer purposes; translation, finding connection and some other stuff. In there, there were some other cool internatioanl friends. They already had fun before I came up. But, after a while, they began making fun of their Afghan friends(?) that they are such stupid, they are lazy guys, look at their primitive belifs and etc. and in order to get approval, they told me “isn’t it right, Basir?” “you are an open minded guy, Basir and you don’t give a piece of shit to such fucking ideas.”

Though I really don’t give a penny to destructive ideas and beliefs, even trygin to restrcture those ideas and beliefs to a constructive ones in the best possible ways, I pondered over such selfish behavior.

Come on, international friends. Change your idea; look at us in a more human-centered way and treat your Afghan colleagues better if you want to stay with them peacefully. No more up-down view, no more teasing each other’s ideas, beliefs, traditions, appearance and etc.

We love to be in touch with you; we love to have friends out of you; we love to build our homeland (the earth) together and enjoy our lives together.

I don’t review what I am saying in order to be pure and express what I feel, think and concern about. 


Unknown said...

i myself didn't touch with foreign still,so i can't judge may be you be right because media reflect good manner of them mostly.
but it is remarkable that we ourselves cause existing situation,so should we think about ourselves.

Unknown said...

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