Jul 3, 2011

Training on Post-Graduate University Application

This six-day practical training is designed to provide an insight into the post-graduate study, primarily, in Europe and America. The training aim is to familiarize the participants with the process of a university application, from surveying the university market, to selecting a course degree, to filling in an online application and to applying for scholarships.

By the end of this practical workshop, participants should be able to understand thoroughly the process of a university application, find scholarships and prepare their own supporting materials (i.e., personal statement, academic references, and CV). This training applies to those wanting to pursue a taught degree and those wanting to make an application for a research (PhD) degree.

For both Taught and Research Applicants

An Introduction:
·         Introduction
·         Training outline
·         Course selection
·         University selection

Making an Application:
1)       Supporting Documents
·         A supporting statement
·         Academic references
·         English language proficiency
·         Proof of your undergraduate degree
·         CV
·         GRE/GMAT
2)       Making an online application/ Practice session

·         Scholarship types
·         How/when to apply for a scholarship?
·         Interview preparations

For Research Applicants Only

All research applicants in addition to the above need to provide a research proposal in their applications. The following elements of a research proposal will be discussed and practically exercised during the training.

·         Rationale (Problem/ Literature Gap)
·         Aims and Objectives
·         Literature Review
·         Research Questions
·         Research Hypothesis
·         Research Methodology
·         Bibliography

Application Requirement:

·         Obtained a BA degree or in their last year of BA study
·         Proficiency in English language

Starting Date: 9th July, 2011

Duration: Two Weeks (Sundays, Tuesdays ,Thursdays)

Class Hours:  05:00 – 07:00 P.M

Fee:  2000 Afs Only

TIMOR SHARAN is a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations at University of Exeter. His research is on the political economy of network politics in post-2001 Afghanistan. He holds an MPhil degree in Development Studies from University of Cambridge and a BA degree in International Relations and Politics from University of Essex. He is a founding member of the United Kingdom Afghanistan Studies Group (www.ukasg.org) and a founding member of Afghanistan Intellectual Property Rights Association.

His Forthcoming Publications Are:

F  “The Dynamics of Elite Networks and Patron-Client Relations in Post-Bonn Afghanistan”, (Europe-Asia Studies Journal, August 2011, Vol 63, No 6)

F   “Identity Politics and State Building in Post-Bonn Afghanistan: The 2009 Presidential Election” co-authored with John Heathershaw (Ethno politics, September 2011, Vo 4)

Mobile: 0793705320; 0795121748;

Website: www.ach.af

Address: House # 582; Behind Kateb University, Shora Road, Karte 3, Kabul- Afghanistan

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