Jan 16, 2011

Studies Without Borders offers scholarship for Afghan Students

Information about the scholarship from SOG for the AGMC

Please notice that all this information below is provisional. If anything changes, we will update the page. So please visit this page again.

Latest update: 10th of January 2011

Please note: The application form is not longer available! The application window is closed, so please do not send applications anymore. We will not consider them - We are sorry!

We are currently evaluating the applications and we will get back to you very soon.

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For questions which are not answered here, you can send an e-mail to afghanscholarship@studieren-ohne-grenzen.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Afghan German Management College

The College

The Afghan German Management College (AGMC) is a not-for-profit distance-teaching university for business education in Afghanistan. The AGMC focuses on management education, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and NGO management.


AGMC was born of an initiative by former officers of the German Federal Armed Forces. During their NATO missions in Afghanistan, they had experienced the devastating situation in the Afghan higher education sector, and particularly in the field of management there is an immense amount of catching-up to do. In January 2006, preparatory work was advanced sufficiently for Bastian Kuhl to found the AGMC. The first class started in July 2006 with 12 Afghan students. By the end of the year the number of students had already grown to 82. Four years later, in March 2010, over 360 students from all areas of Afghanistan gained access to business education at the AGMC.

For further information please visit http://www.afgemaco.com.

Studies Without Borders

The organization

“Studies Without Borders” (german: “Studieren Ohne Grenzen e.V.”) is a benevolent, charitable organization. Founded in October 2006 in Konstanz, Germany, it is one of several European branches of the French organization Etudes Sans Frontières. The association is subdivided in several independent local groups that are synchronized by a national coordination team. All our everyday business is tackled by work teams in the local groups.

Our goal

Our goal consists of qualifying young people from crisis regions to make their own contribution to the reconstruction of their home country. In order to help a larger number of students, we also work on improving the quality of educational institutions in the countries our students come from. We think that especially societies affected by crises need young and motivated people in periods of reconstruction.

Students help students

One of our characteristics is our student background. Even though studying is not a requirement to become a member, we welcome committed people of all areas to join.

This basis enables us to stay at eye-level with our scholars. In their studies they are confronted with the same problems as we are. Many of us are scholars at other organizations as well.

Please read the following information carefully before filling in the application:

General information about the study and the scholarship

The study

  • The degree of Bachelor of Business Administration involves a study duration of 4,5 years, consisting of 9 semesters of 6-months duration.
  • In each semester the student has to attend one of the courses offered by the faculties. Staff of each faculty will coach students during their work on the bachelor-thesis.
  • The 8th semester is a practical semester. In this practical semester, you will conduct a project or do an internship in your regional environment. You are free to choose the topic.
  • In the 9th semester, you will have to write your bachelor-thesis.
  • The distance study is online based, all the study material is provided on an internet platform. Also the exams take place online.
  • Begin of study and scholarship: 4th March 2011

The requirements

You should

  • be interested in economics and management.
  • have a good knowledge of English. All the study material is in English as well as the exams. Therefore it is highly important that you can understand, read and write English.
  • have a good school-leaving certificate that enables you to attend an university.
  • not be older than 30 years.

You must

  • be in need. We will only chose applicants who cannot afford a study without financial help.
  • have an idea for a social project which you will put into practice within the studies (further information of the project see below).
  • have an e-mail address to stay in contact with us. We also will inform you about the result of your application via email. If you have a mobile phone, please declare your phone number in the application, then we can also inform your via phone.
  • have internet access e. g. at an internet café. We are also planning to provide you internet access of our own.

We are especially looking forward to female applicants!

We expect from you:

  • a report about your improvements in your study and the social project every half year.
  • a motivated participation at your studies.
  • the realization of a social project: the project is meant to help people in your surrounding (beyond your family) to improve their living conditions by bringing in your talents and knowledge. The project is to be carried out during your whole study period (i.e. at least the first 7 semesters) and can e.g. take 4 hours a week. A possible project could be teaching English to youth or teaching reading and writing to illiterates. Furthermore it is possible to start your own business like a bakery, a sewing company or a cinema. The project can be done in cooperation with a local NGO which gives you information concerning the realization of your ideas. (The support of the NGO must not be financial.) There are no limitations to your ideas. Please keep in mind that your project is realizable for you. It may affect disadvantaged persons, give work or occupation. Let Afghanistan feel your creativity and capacities!

The scholarship includes:

  • the tuition fees of 60$ per semester.
  • 80$ living costs per month. This amount can be increased, beginning with the 2nd semester. This depends on the quality of your social project and the time you need for the project.
  • For the 8th and the 9th semester you have to apply once again separately.

Information concerning the application:

  • The time period of application is: 6th of December 2010 – 09th of January 2011.
  • During this time period, you should fill in and send us the application form at this website. The application form will soon (at least starting with the application period) be made available here. After the 9th of January, applications are no longer possible. There won't be made any exceptions.
  • If you have been chosen as a scholarship holder, you have to show your school-leaving certificate to verify the information given in the application form. Therefore you have to present yourself to a contact person of the college within two weeks after you have been informed of your acceptance. You will get further information in case of a choice. In case of false information we are obligated to disqualify you.
  • If you have been chosen as a scholarship holder from Studies Without Borders, you are automatically accepted as a student at the AGMC. It is NOT necessary to apply for both, the scholarship from Studies Without Borders AND the study at the AGMC.
  • We will inform all of you of the result of your application probably between the 7th and 13th of February 2011 via email (or mobile phone if available).

Please pay attention to the following points concerning your application:

One of the determining factors will be your social project with which you want to help to reconstruct your home country.

Therefore, the description of your social project should be pretty explicit. Please answer the following questions in the description of the project if possible:

Where and how do you want to realize the project? Who do you want to reach with the project? Who could help you to carry out your project? Where do you want to get the money for your project from (if necessary)? What is your personal motivation for the project?

The questions in the application form are necessary for a fair selection of the applicants. So please give detailed and correct answers. In case of false information we are obligated to disqualify the applicant.

Please fill in the form completely. Only complete application forms are considered.

All personal information you give in your application are confidential and only accessible to members of the selection committee of Studies Without Borders.

If there are any questions remained do not hesitate and write us! Send an e-mail at: afghanscholarship@studieren-ohne-grenzen.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Please write in English).

We are looking forward to your application!

Good luck!