Jul 29, 2008


By Sanjar

In my last post I tried to explore the reasons for suicide. I emphasised there is a strong element of unhappiness and dissatisfaction behind suicide whether its by women who can’t bear their miserable lives anymore or it’s a child or a man who targets foreigners and the government. There is a deep element of unhappiness. below I am using a story which first appeared in RAWA website, this is shows what the reason for family suicide could be, its injustice and tyranny. As for RAWA I don’t agree with their stand. I don’t think their methods are going to bring about any change and they have got a lot of issues substantially wrong. Having that said, I appreciate their role in the wider social hierarchy, the general public, politicians, journalists and many more tend to conform to tradition and dominant power while RAWA protests and I think that is a good thing, the fact that they protest against norms and injustice is a good thing. it might be that RAWA is a habitual protester and they will always find something to protest against but currently there is plenty to protest against.

Warlords gang-rape 12-year-old girl, her family threatens to commit mass suicide if justice is not done. Uncle of the victim accuses the police chief to have links with the gunmen responsible for such crimes.

A 12-year old schoolgirl was gang-raped by five gunmen in Sarpul province in Northern Afghanistan.

The girl and her family asked Hamid Karzai to prosecute the rapists and take their case seriously. They threatened that if they are not provided justice, the whole family will commit mass suicide to get rid of such life. They say, the local authorities keep silence on such cases and did not act to arrest those responsible.

While crying, the rape victim told journalists that she was raped in a village called Baghabi in Sarpul province. She says five gunmen poured into their house in mid-night and after beating and abusing the family members, gang-raped her.

Ali Khan, uncle of the girl told Ariana TV that he has reported the case to the police and visited the police chief a number of times to ask for justice, but they do not pay attention to the issue and even abused and threatened him to be silent otherwise he will be jailed. He accuses the police chief to have links with the gunmen responsible for such crimes. But General Abdul Khaliq Samimi, police chief says they have arrested three people connected to the issue.

On February 18, 2008 a fourteen-year old girl named Bashira was gang-raped by three men in the same province. One of the rapists is Najibullah, the son of Haji Payinda, a member of parliament from Sar-e-Pul.

Sayed Noorullah, father of Bashira told Tolo TV on July 19, 2008 that the case against the rapist has not been followed property by the court, because the rapist is son of a member of parliament and they bribed the Forensic Medical Investigation department to show the 22-year-old rapist as being less than 18 to escape the charges based on law.

Sayed Noorullah threatened that if the rapists are not punished, he will become “a dangerous suicide bomber” and take revenge himself.

Gang-rape and sexual abuse of young girls in the Northern provinces of Afghanistan by local warlords is very common but only few cases are reported by media, because it is usually risky for the journalists who report such issues.

Sayed Norullah father of 14-year-old Bashira: “I will become a dangerous suicide bomber to take revenge if the court fails to provide me justice.