Apr 15, 2008

Afghan blogging: a new feature of Afghanistan

From: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan

KABUL--The first workshop of blogging with participation of tens of Afghan bloggers was held in Kabul by the Afghan Pen Log.

Nasim Fekrat, the in-charge of the Afghan Pen Log says that in this two-day workshop, Afghan bloggers from all over Afghanistan were participated.

Mr. Fekrat said that the goal of holding of this workshop is expanding and improving the work of blogging in Afghanistan. He believes this workshop is an effort to establishing the culture of virtual environment of the Internet in the country.

Through a last few years, blogging has been remarkably expanded. Nasim estimated that more than 20 thousand Afghans are blogging.
Afghan blogging is mainly common among youths and university students.

Personal dairy

What is a Weblog? Nasim thinks, “Weblog is personal dairy in which you can put text, photo, video, voice, etc… on the whole, a comprehensive multimedia.”
Afghan blogging is mainly about political, social, cultural, and critical issues.

Nasim believes that Afghan blogging would introduce a new feature of Afghanistan in the world.
“Afghan bloggers try to introduce a different feature of Afghanistan. Today’s Afghanistan is not the Afghanistan in five years ago or twenty years ago,” he says.

Masuma Ibrahimi, an Afghan blogger and one of the organizers of the workshop says that he mainly shares her viewpoints and experiences of living in Afghanistan with her audience.

“I reflect what I see of Afghanistan as an Afghan girl, to the people inside and outside Afghanistan,” she says.
Masuma says that her blogging is mostly “similar to dairies of an Afghan girl who lives, works, sees, hears, and faces things in Afghanistan.”