Mar 26, 2008

Is Aid effectively delivered in Afghanistan?


With the arrival of 2008, the international community's aid and reconstruction effort in Afghanistan has been put under the microscope with publication of a number of reports on aid effectiveness, succeses and failures of the whole aid delivery in Afghanistan.

Most recently ACBAR has published a report rightly titled "Falling Short: Aid Effectiveness in Afghanistan".

The report Author Mr. Matt Waldman is an insider in the whole development process in Afghanistan, working as policy and advocacy adviser for Oxfam International's office in Afghanistan.

The report clearly demonstrates the failure of international community in delivering what was promised to the Afghan people, but it does not extensively cover the part Afghan Government plays in the process.
I believe if Donors are responsible for keeping with their promises the Afghan Government should be more vigilant and more responsible than Donors.

There might be some minor inconsistencies with the data that is being reported but overall the report captures the picture well and really comes up with good recommendations for both the Afghan Government and the Donors providing ODA to Afghanistan.

I wish and am sure all the Afghan people wish that this and other reports published in 2008 will be a wake up call for the Afghan Government and Donors and hope that they will accept criticism with courage and bring about a change that is so much needed in Afghanistan.

In the end Let us not forget what International community has done for Afghanistan, but they could have done better and that is what every Afghan and our international friends want for the future direction of reconstruction in Afghanistan.


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