Jan 8, 2010

Applications Being Accepted for 2010 Peace through Business Program

Program Overview & Application Instructions


The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women’s PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS program provides long-term business education to women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda. The program is based on the theory that a country that is more economically sound has a greater capacity for peace.

PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS is implemented in three phases:

  • In-Country Education (Afghanistan & Rwanda)
  • Leadership Development (U.S.)
  • Pay It Forward (Afghanistan & Rwanda)

Currently, our classroom sites are in Kabul, Afghanistan and Kigali, Rwanda. However, if you are not in these specific areas – still apply! We are looking into developing additional classroom sites in outlying villages in both countries, based on demand and ability. (Keep checking here for updates.) And, remember, it never hurts to apply!

By applying to the 2010 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS program, you are applying for the In-Country portion of the program. There are 30 seats available per country. 15 students from each country will be selected for travel to the United States in June 2010 for participation in Leadership Development, which includes mentorship and an International Women’s Economic Summit. Students selected for U.S. travel are also expected to Pay Forward their education by mentoring their fellow countrymen and women. See more below on the selection process and requirements for Leadership Development.

Application Instructions
To complete the application process, you must submit a copy of your passport, visa (if applicable), as well as at least three photos of your business. Formatting requirements are specified on the application. (You can also submit these files separately from the application by the application deadline.) You can not return to a partially completed application. You must complete and submit the application at the same time.


In-Country Education

In-Country Education is an intensive 8 weeks of basic business education. Each class lasts about four hours, once a week for eight weeks from Feb. 1 – March 26. The class is facilitated and conducted by a former PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS student, and the curriculum focuses on entrepreneurship development, improving technical skills and creating leaders with an emphasis on:

  • Basic Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing, Promotion and Selling
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources
  • Basic Banking
  • Business Plan Development

The class culminates with the development of an in-depth business plan designed specifically for your business. That plan is submitted electronically to the Institute staff in the United States. Every chapter lesson will include a test and homework assignments. Books are provided, but in order to complete homework assignments, you must have access to a computer. Since the books are written in English, you must be able to read and comprehend English in order to complete homework assignments.

Five former In-Country students will be considered for selection into the 2010 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS In-Country Education. Like new students, they will be considered for selection into Leadership Development (see more below.)

It is not required to be proficient in Microsoft Excel, however the majority of homework for the In-Country program is in Excel, so students will need to have working knowledge of the program. Excel is widely used in the business community, and it will be beneficial for students selected for Leadership Development to already be familiar with the program.

To learn more about Microsoft Excel, there are several free tutorials online. Click here for a free tutorial and free trial version of the software.

New student criteria for selection into the In-Country classes

  • Completed application
  • English Exam – 80% or higher
  • Solid Business (owner and daily involvement)

Former student criteria for selection into the In-Country program

  • Willingness to teach at least two sessions during In-Country classes
  • 2009 class scores
  • Demonstration of implementation of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS training
  • Specific Pay It Forward examples


Leadership Development

Applying for In-Country Education is not a guarantee for travel to the United States for participation in Leadership Development. An unbiased committee will select 15 students from each country to travel to the United States for three weeks in June 2010. The announcement of who has been selected will be made on Friday, April 2.

New student criteria for selection to travel to United States for Leadership Development

For those students who wish to be considered for Leadership Development, a separate set of scores will be awarded based on the following system:

  • Attendance: 25 points
  • Completed Homework Assignments: 25 points
  • Completed Business Plan: 25 points
  • Test Scores: 25 points
  • Business Viability: 25 points
  • Potential to Pay Forward: 25 points

Former student criteria for selection to travel to United States for Leadership Development

  • Complete new or update existing business plan
  • English Exam – 80% or higher
  • Score 80% or higher on Entrepreneurship test (based on textbook)
  • Solid Business (owner and daily involvement)
  • Demonstrate how they have utilized and implemented their previous training with PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS

Additionally, both new and former students must meet the following requirements:

  • Own a legitimate business (Facilitator will visit and help evaluate each business)
  • Score a 75% or higher on written and oral English test
  • Pass a physical examination by a designated doctor (Because of the trip’s intensity and travel, women who are pregnant will not be considered for U.S. travel due to the concern of potential health risks to both mother and baby.)
  • Ability to pay for Visa (about $130 USD)
  • Ability to pay program fee ($250 USD)
  • Ability to travel to the United States for three weeks in June 2010 (June 4 – June 24)
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